Balance From the East


Thai a technique that is becoming increasingly popular. While lying fully clothed on a floor-mat, your therapist will use their hands, feet, knees and elbows to apply pressure to points along the energy lines in combination with assisted yoga stretches.
60 minute - $72 / 90 minute $105

Shiatsu a style of Japanese acupressure massage where the therapist’s fingers, palms and thumbs are applied to specific points on the body to stimulate inner healing.
60 minute - $62 / 90 minute $90

Reflexology this ancient oriental method of massage is applied to pressure points on the soles of the feet that correspond to internal organs of the body. Through stimulation, energy lines in the body are cleared.
60 minute - $62 / 90 minute $90

Fusion massage experience the fusion of, Swedish, deep tissue and Thai massage. Combined for their unique actions and complimentary benefits
60 minute - $62 / 90 minute $90

Aromatherapy a therapeutic massage using essential Decleor essential aromatic balms. Your therapist will help you select for your individual needs
60 minute - $77 / 90 minute $115

Energy therapy

Reiki an ancient method of healing which uses energy drawn from a higher source. Reiki is a very gentle, yet powerful method of encouraging physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.
60 minute - $62 / 90 minute $90

Myofacial release a therapeutic treatment utilizing a gentle form of stretching, producing a profound healing effect upon the body tissue, helping to eliminate pain and restore motion.
60 minute - $62 / 90 minute $90

Balance From the West


Swedish relieve built-up tension and alleviate stress with this classic massage that is both relaxing and deeply nurturing.
60 minute - $62 / 90 minute $88

Deep Tissue a deep, therapeutic massage especially beneficial for anyone who prefers deeper massage or wishes to target specific areas of chronic muscle tightness.
60 minute - $62 / 90 minute $88

Pre-natal massage designed for expectant mothers, this massage uses specifically designed body cushions to provide relief from swelling and cramping. Massage is given to you after the first trimester.
60 minute - $72 / 90 minute $105

Hot stone therapy basalt lava stones are used to enhance a nurturing head-to-toe massage. Heated stones glide over muscles providing deep penetration warmth which promotes natural healing that melts away stress and tension. Add one of our Decleor Balms for an unforgettable aromatherapy experience.
60 minute - $82 / 90 minute $115 with balm add $15

Chair massage for quick tension release.
15 minutes - $15 / 30 minutes $30

Energy therapy

Cranio-sacral with gentle support to the cranium and spine, this treatment encourages the release of adhesions and restrictions promoting deep relaxation. Especially beneficial for those with migraines, TMJ and common joint dysfunction.
60 minute - $62 / 90 minute $90

Balance Additional Luxuries

Enrich your experience with any of the following touches. Add an indulgence to any of our treatments for fabulous, enhanced results.

Eye treatment $30
For more youthful, vital looking eyes add the Eye Treatment to any of our body envelopments. Treatment includes pressure point massage and a Hydrating DePuffing eye mask. Reverse years of damage from environmental factors.  A must see!

Hand/Foot Treatment
Hand Treatment $35
Foot Treatment $35
Hand & Foot Treatment $45 for both
Our treatments start with an exfoliation of a spice powder of thyme, pepper and rice to remove unwanted dead cells and impurities. An aromatherapy massage balm, cuticle treatment, hot sauna mask, and paraffin soak will be followed to enhance relaxation and soul connection.

Infrared Sauna – (time varies depending on physical state) $15
Relax in our aromatic cedar cabin for a therapeutic infrared sauna. Safe, effective radiant heat raises your body temperature, inducing an artificial fever. As a result, your body’s immune system is strengthened. Great for many aspects of health, including weight loss, detoxification and, of course, beautiful, healthy glowing skin. The infrared sauna is scientifically proven to be effective in removing heavy metals from the body, elevating well-being. This process is safe and produces results unparalleled by any other form of sauna.

Aromatherapy $20
Decleor aromatherapy balms can be added to any of our body treatments,

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